My Take on PewDiePie

tl;dr I fucking hate him and I don’t find his content funny or original.

I recently got an email telling people to go subscribe to PewDiePie, from a large (if not the largest) hosting service. This really shows how big the “Help PewDiePie beat T-Series”  has become.

The email sent by 000webhost, an extremely popular free web host in support of PewDiePie.

They claim that they are support PewDiePie because their goal is to “help independent creators, to unlock the full power of the internet by learning, experimenting and building stuff online“ and that PewDiePie is “an independent creator, who uses the power of the internet to pursue his dreams and spread happiness“ yet PewDiePie constantly draws attention to himself with controversy after controversy about everything from “accidentally” using a hard R to the “Death to All Jews“ Fiverr video. His fans defend this behavior by saying it’s “a joke” and everything is “taken out of context” The problem is, no amount of context makes these kinds of “jokes” alright.

Let’s be honest, the only reason he is gaining YouTube subscribers is because half of the internet is screaming to subscribe to him, most people just subscribe and don’t watch his content. Videos about
“the battle“ get 10M< and his actual videos like his meme review series get under 5M< sometimes even going down to 2M. Now this might seem good but remember he is currently sitting at 76M subscribers and currently gets an average of 4M subscribers and 300M video views per month. I bet that after the “battle“ dies out, he will go back to his 1M< subscribers per month and 100M< video views per month. 

Of course his fans are being the nicest they’ve ever been to get people to subscribe? Right? Nope. Other than the printer exploit (which was very illegal by the way) and advertisements from posters to fucking billboards, his loyal fans constantly spam and mock anyone who isn’t subscribed or opposes him. Great community you’ve got there PewDiePie.

I’m legitimately surprised how many YouTubers are supporting PewDiePie, after everything he’s done. They claim its “the battle of content creators vs companies”, I call bullshit.

Did we all forget that he was the reason why advertisers pulled out of YouTube? That he is the reason he is causing revenue for creators to plummet?

Don’t even get me started on his content. His content is rehashed Reddit videos with an unfunny personality or his meme filled “News” show, every once in a while a unique video comes out, but do we even need to talk about how little people care about them?

PewDiePie does NOT deserve the subscribers he is getting OR the praise he is getting. I honestly cannot stand him in any shape or form. (Maybe if he’s dead I might be okay, but that’ll get me arrested)


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